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French Train Station
French Train Station

Tour # 1 Transportation

One of the reasons BUZZ'S Tours is so unique is that we travel by train from city to city, mingling with the locals and really getting the feel of the European experience!  There is nothing better than playing cards with your friends or sipping on a cappuccino while watching the stunning sunflowers in the French countryside go by. To top it off, the train gets us to the next city faster than a tour bus, which equals more time in each city for more fun!

 Train tickets and seat reservations for high-speed trains are included in the land package.

The Buzz Difference in Travel

The BUZZ Difference in Travel. Most travel companies in Europe travel by tour bus, meaning you spend most of the day on buses and less time exploring each city. Not with BUZZ!  We stay in city centers and travel throughout Europe by train, giving you the authentic European experience! There are no extra fees like tips for the driver or the city guides arranged by the tour company.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, be sure to read the fine print on other charter tours-- your lodging may be located up to one hour outside the city, meaning an hour a day each way just getting to and from the place you came to see.

With BUZZ, you'll be in the middle of the city and in the middle of the action!
It is all about Location, Location, Location!
GO WITH BUZZ, and have more time for fun!

NOTE: Due to late graduation ceremonies on June 1st,

you will fly out on Sunday, June 2nd.

Travel to and from Europe

1) Use Your Own Miles

 You can use your airline mileage or credit card points and book  your own airfare to meet the group in Europe, at the airport or at the hotel.

2)  Book Your Own 

If you will be traveling before or after the tour on a family vacation, or visiting relatives, you can book your own airfare and meet us at the airport or hotel. 

3) BUZZ Airfare Watch

BUZZ checks the airfare on the internet weekly and will e-mail you a "BUZZ'S Airfare Watch" with the latest deals. 

Trip Prices DO NOT include Airfare to and from Europe. 

Flight options are listed below.
Any questions, Call BUZZ for Flight information 818-707-6907

The tour starts in Amsterdam and ends in Pisa or London.
The most convenient way to find a flight is by

searching "Multi-City".

Fly into Amsterdam and return from

Depart from Pisa on Sunday, June 16

or Depart from London on Thursday, June 20, 2024

Flight # 1 
Outbound Flight

Depart Los Angeles (LAX) to

Amsterdam (AMS) on June 2nd.

Depart USA on June 2nd and

arrive Amsterdam on June 3rd. before 12:10pm

Best Flight is Delta 9468/KLM 0602

and arrives Amsterdam at 09:05am on July 3rd.

Non-Stop Flight

Flight # 2
Return Flight 

Depart Pisa, Italy (PSA) on

Sunday, June 16th after 10:00am.   

You will take a train to Pisa Airport (included)

Flight home will require a change of planes.


Depart London Heathrow (LHR) on

Thursday, June 20th after 10:00am.   
Pick any time after 10:00 

You can take the Underground/Subway to

London Heathrow - 40mins.

 Roundtrip and Non-Stop each way on

Carry-on suitcase only + 1 Backpack in Economy Class

*Prices and availability can change by the hour.

After you sign up, you will receive "BUZZ'S Flight Watch"

with flight deals. 

The lowest airfare on the Internet:
*May require a change of planes, one or both ways.
*Has only a carry-on suitcase and 1 personal bag (Backpack).
*Is NON-Refundable. 
*Is NON-Transferable. 

Note: Minors Aged 17

Most airlines will NOT allow 17-year-olds to fly alone.
Book your flight with an 18-year-old roommate or classmate that is on the tour.  They will be your adult guardian. 

Travel insurance is recommended to protect your investment.

Pricing and availability can change hourly! 

Talk to your friends and book the same day so you can be on the same flight! 

Contact BUZZ for details, prices, and booking information. 


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