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About BUZZ


Who is our tour guide?

David Bussing, “BUZZ,” comes from a family of seven lifelong adventurers. BUZZ grew up learning that travel opens the doors to an incredible life, and realized that his passion was showing the world to others. BUZZ believes that seeing the world helps young adults become independent, passionate, empathetic people. He is always eager to inspire the adventurers on his trips to travel “The BUZZ Way” – seeing and doing everything possible! 


BUZZ’s Adventure Tours first opened as a ski tour operation, BUZZ’s Sport Tours, in August 1989. BUZZ’s has worked hard to gain the reputation of being the most honest and fair tour operator in the West! BUZZ has worked with groups of all sizes, from a private 4-person tour to a 1,300-person student ski trip! BUZZ is committed to providing well-organized tours that promote the adventure of travel to students and adults! 


BUZZ first discovered Europe over 30 years ago and has since taken more than 3,500 train rides through Great Britain and Western and Eastern Europe and guided more than 15,000 satisfied travelers! Throughout the years, BUZZ has discovered many tips and tricks that he loves sharing with his clients, helping them become strong travelers. He loves seeing the expression on the faces of his clients when they see famous sites for the first time, discover a favorite food spot, or share stories of the people they have met on their adventures. Buzz loves sharing his favorite local food joints, nightclubs, and scenic lookouts, as well as his best tips for avoiding tourist traps and pickpockets. Join BUZZ for the trip of a lifetime! 

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BUZZ'S History

Over 30+ years of Excellence.  

Over 15,000+ satisfied customers. 

BUZZ’S Sport Tours opened in August 1989, first as a ski tour operation before becoming the European Adventure Tours that it is today! BUZZ’S has worked hard to gain the reputation of the most honest and fair tour operator in the West. BUZZ’S has handled groups as small as 4 clients, up to an all-student ski trip with over 1,300 skiers and snowboarders,  on one tour from Southern California to Utah, using 27 busses, 2 planes and 3 large hotels. Most importantly, BUZZ’S is dedicated to offering the best-organized tours available and has made it a life-long commitment to promoting the adventure of travel to all students and adults.


For over 30+ years, BUZZ’S European Tours has offered students and adult a unique Euro-Trip experience by traveling like a local using the trains.

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