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Why aren't all the meals included in the tour price?

Meals in Europe that are made for any large group are terrible, and offer mainly low quality pizza and pasta, but you will still have to pay outrageously high prices for water, coke or a beer. So much of life is the experience we have with friends while enjoying a nice meal, and that is even more true when it comes to traveling in Europe! We don't want you to have to plan your ENTIRE day around a group dinner that must be eaten at a specified time at a specified restaurant. This is where you will get the feel of being a local by popping into a cafe for breakfast or trying the corner gyro stand while out and about! Dining with your friends at a local restaurant of your choices means joining in on the flavor of the country. The sun does not set till 9:30 or 10:00 pm, and the last thing we want is for you to feel restricted and stop your amazing visit to a museum, historic site or visiting with locals. Total freedom for dinner adds so much flexibility, and opens up many opportunities to sample the local food.

Experience has taught us that everyone has individual tastes, appetite & varying amounts of consumption. BUZZ and past clients prefer the flexibility in when, where, what and how much in regard to meals. 

You can picnic in the parks, eat at a sidewalk cafe, or compare the taste of a McDonald’s hamburger in Europe. It’s your choice! BUZZ will be happy to show you his favorite restaurants that past clients have loved, and other recommendations from hundreds of very satisfied past customers. 


How much does food cost in Europe?

Food costs about the same in Europe as it does in the USA, but the current exchange rate will increase your total costs a bit. If you shop in the local supermarkets you can save a bunch of money. Hit the market the night before or first thing in the morning and buy water, snacks and fruit to eat during the day. This will prevent you from having to buy overpriced food next to the tourist sites and inside museum cafeterias. 

You can find 1.5 liter bottle of water for as low as  .25 Euro cents. (.20 - .38cents USD) You can also drink the tap water in each city.
The European Union has strict standards for tap water. No one has ever been sick from drinking the water. 
Local supermarkets offer fresh bread, pasta dishes, fresh fruit and pre-mixed salads just like in the U.S for a good price. 

Be sure to check out the local markets and fairs (Camden Market Food Court in London is one of our favorites).

Munich’s main train station features a large food court with a lot of healthy choices and sandwiches start at 3.00 Euros ($3.30 USD) as of 9/1/2023

Gyros and Kebabs are very popular in Europe and the shops are open late.
Chain restaurants like McDonalds and Subway are now offering low priced menus just like in the U.S. 
Join up with new friends and share plates so you can try several types of food at one meal!

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