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Tour # 1 Accommodations

All our accommodations are located in the best areas of each city center in a vibrant neighborhood that offers the flavor of each country at your door step with cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, ATM and shopping.

It is all about Location, Location, Location!   

Tour # 1 Hotels

  • In most cities, the entire group will stay in the same hotel. 

  • In some cities, we may be in two hotels located near each other.

  • You can meet and hang out each day with friends who are staying in the other hotel.

  • You CANNOT go into the other groups' hotels.

  • The entire group will meet at the same place for BUZZ'S daily tours of each city. 

  • European hotels are different than the US. In general, the rooms may be smaller than you are accustomed to.

  • Air conditioning may not be provided, dependable or needed in most hotels. 

  • You may stay in a variety of family-owned hotels along with private rooms, studios, apartment and larger corporate hotels. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2 nights

We are staying in two 3-Star Hotels in the best location! 

NO breakfast because everyone goes for the Dutch pancakes nearby.

Paris, France - 2 nights

we are at three 3-Star Hotel located on the same street near the Eiffel Tower​

A/C and free Wi-Fi.

NO breakfast.

Interlaken, Switzerland - 3 nights

3-Star Hotel with a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps.

We have doubles, Triples and Quads.

Free Wi-Fi.

Free continental breakfast each morning.

Florence, Italy - 3 nights

We are in two 3-Star Hotel in the best location in the city center.

Free Wi-Fi.

Manarola, Italy - 3 nights  (4 nights if you do the London Extension).

We have doubles, triples and quads.

From a small family hotel to rented rooms and apartments located all over this small village on the water.

Free Wi-Fi.

No breakfast.

You can fly home from Pisa, Italy or extend for an amazing 3 nights in London.

For those extending to London, we will stay a 4th. night in Manarola and fly to London on Monday, June 17th.  Limited air seats available and they are included in the trip price.

London, England - 3 nights

4-Star Apartment Hotel.

Studio Units (2 per room) with a kitchenette.

1 stop on the Underground/Tube/Subway to Covent Garden.

2 stops on the Underground/Tube/Subway to Leicester Square.

or a 20-minute walk past shops, restaurants and pubs.

ATM, 2 supermarkets, restaurants and pubs all within 1/2 block from hotel.

Free Wi-Fi.

NO breakfast.  You have a kitchenette and a supermarket across the street.

Tour # 2 with up to 240 students will be in town at the same time so

nightlife will be a total blast.

If you are confused about the lodging, call Buzz now 818-707-6907

Call your friends now and plan your roommates.  

Your request is a request. No guarantees.

Room Types

1) Double Room

A typical double will be 1 double bed or 2 twin beds (some European twin beds share one headboard, but will have separate sheets and blankets)

2) Triple Room

A typical triple room will be one double bed plus a single bed/sofa bed, or if you're lucky it may be 3 single beds.  Triple rooms are very rare.

3) Quad Room

A typical quad room will be 2 double beds or one double bed plus a sofa bed or a double bed plus 2 singles, or if you’re lucky 4 single beds

4) Apartment

2 in each bedroom and 2 on the sofa bed in the living room.

Bed sharing is required in most hotels,

so choose your roommates wisely!

  • When traveling with a group of friends please submit your rooming request with your application form.

  • Buzz's and the hotels will make every effort to accommodate your rooming request and locate your rooms near each other, but occasionally rooms can be on different floors or in different buildings. 

  • All rooms and hotels are non-smoking.

  • No vaping or electronic cigarettes.

  • No alcohol allowed in the rooms.


  • Air conditioning (A/C) is not always provided, dependable or needed in most countries.

  • Same room types cannot be guaranteed in each location. You may be assigned a double room in one city and then switch to a triple or quad room in the next city. 

  • If you are an odd person out (3rd person when hotel only has double rooms) we will assign you in another room with people on the tour at no extra charge.  If uncomfortable sharing a bed with an assigned traveler, you will need to find a roommate before final payment. 

  • In Interlaken, Switzerland: Dorm rooms are from 6 – 12 persons per room in bunkbeds
    with a full bathroom in the room.  

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