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Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have free time, or do we have to stay with the group?

It is up to you!
Unlike the typical bus tour of Europe, BUZZ’S hotels are located directly in the center of the city,  so you have the freedom to come and go as you like. You can stop in for a midday power nap or shower before hitting the nightclubs. There are NO curfews & NO Lockouts! You cannot beat the hotel locations!

We understand that each person has a different personality with likes and dislikes, so we run activities and explore each city every day from   

8 am to midnight or later, so you can get the most out of your vacation and see what YOU want to see. 

With BUZZ, you have freedom of choice-- join us on our tours of the city, or take the time on your own to visit your personal “MUST SEE” site or museum. If you're not interested in nightclubs or discos, ask BUZZ, and he will offer many alternatives, and might even take you on a night tour of the city. 


Join us on your own!

Don’t let lazy, flaky or unmotivated friends prevent you from Your Adventure of a Lifetime!

Meet new friends from all over the world! On the past 25 summer tours, over 10% of the participants were solo travelers.

Get to know everyone on the tour, and have the adventure you've always dreamed of!

Tour #1 has a maximum of 100 people. 

Tour #2 and #3 have a maximum of 240 people, with 80 people in each hotel group. 

Can I go by myself, or do I need a roommate?

How many people go on each tour?

How physically active is the tour?

All our tours are very active, requiring lots of walking (up to 8 miles some days), climbing several flights of stairs when seeing monuments, being on your feet for hours while seeing museums, and dealing with all types of weather. It's your decision in the "adventure towns" if you would like to go on a more rigorous hike or spend time by the pool! 

When do I sign Up? 

Call BUZZ now to check on availability! (818) 707-6907 


The tours have SOLD-OUT for the past 25 years.
Mail your deposit TODAY to guarantee your spot on the tour.
Balance is due by February 14, 2024

How do I sign up? 

Go to the Application page for the Tour you want and follow the instructions. 

Tour #1

Tour #2

Tour #3

How do I get a Passport?

Stop by Fed-EX or your local drugstore and get your passport photos.
Go to and look for applications, fees and the processing center near you.

As of September 1, 2020 it is taking 12 - 18 weeks to get a new or renewed passport.

One of the passport photos must be attached to the BUZZ’S trip application form. 

Do I need any travel visas?

If you are a U.S. citizen, you do NOT need any visas for the countries we are going to visit. If you have citizenship from another country or you only have a green card, you must check with your Embassy or Consulate and the U.S. Government. DO IT NOW, It can take several months to process your travel visa.

Who is our Tour Guide?

David Bussing A.K.A. BUZZ.  BUZZ has spent over 70 months in the past 30 years traveling Europe. He has visited over 20 countries and taken over 3,500 train rides throughout Western and Eastern Europe and Great Britain. BUZZ will show you the famous sites, cheap eats, hot spots, and nightclubs, and help you avoid the tourist traps, pick-pockets & con artists. 

Can we extend our tour and go on on our own?

YES - Let BUZZ teach you skills needed to travel on your own, then take off and explore the world!

Do you have any shorter tours?

Yes. You can start and end at any of the cities we visit. 
BUZZ can help you design a tour for 7, 14 or 22 days. CALL BUZZ TODAY 818-707-6907

Why aren’t all the meals provided and included in the tour price? How much Does food in Europe Cost?

Meals in Europe that are made for any large group are terrible, and offer mainly low quality pizza and pasta, but you will still have to pay outrageously high prices for water, coke or a beer. So much of life is the experience we have with friends while enjoying a nice meal, and that is even more true when it comes to traveling in Europe! We don't want you to have to plan your ENTIRE day around a group dinner that must be eaten at a specified time at a specified restaurant. Click here to learn more about meals and costs

What about luggage?

You must be able to carry your own luggage, sometimes up 3 flights of stairs or more, and walk up to 15 minutes from the train station to your hotel with your Rolling Suitcase. Be able to board subways and trains and have the ability to lift your luggage into the overhead racks. Yet another reason to pack light!

What type of luggage do we need?

One carry-on suitcase with 4 wheels that spin 360 degrees – Called spinners.
Maximum carry-on size is 22” tall (including wheels) x 14” wide and 9” deep.
NO Exceptions!
Plus 1 daypack or messenger bag, just like what you use at school.
NO duffel bags! NO Exceptions!
Pack for 10 – 14 days and do laundry in Europe.

Are there laundry facilities available?

Yes! Pack clothing for 10-14 days and you will only have to do laundry once or twice in Europe.
Laundromats are located near our hotels in Paris, Florence, Interlaken and Amsterdam.

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