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Meetings with BUZZ

BUZZ is here for you! Get all the facts and have all your questions answered before you sign up. 

FREE Parent/Student Orientation Meeting or ZOOM Call. 
If you live in Southern California, call BUZZ today for your FREE orientation meeting. Plan your own information night in the comfort of your own home. 

Get your group of friends and their parents together and BUZZ will come to you. We will discuss everything you want to know, from air flights, to what you 
will see and do in Europe. 
Call BUZZ now 818-707-6907   
Packages will sell out quickly


Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting in May 2024

If this is your first time overseas, or your first time traveling on your own, we take you step by step through your travels! We'll cover everything that needs to be done prior to the trip, what to do on the day of departure, and exactly how the tour works. You will learn valuable travel skills that will give you the information needed to be a confident traveler and have your trip of a lifetime.

Topics Covered

​     Preparing for the Trip: 

  • Preparing for the trip 

  • Passports

  • Visas

  • Airport Check-In 

  • On your flight

  • Arriving in Europe

  • Immigration

  • Baggage Claim

  • Customs

  • Meeting your guide at the airport

  • Traveling on subways

  • Traveling by Train

  • Hotel Check-In

  • Hotel Check-Out

  • What to do if you miss a train

​     Travel Safety

  • BUZZ's Behavior Code

  • Travel Health

  • Pickpocket/ Theft Prevention

  • Travel Scams

  • Safety and Security Tips

  • Trip Medical and Cancellation Insurance

​     Money

  • Credit Cards

  • ATM/ Debit Cards

  • Cash

  • Local Currency

  • Exchange Rates

  • What to do if bank cards don't work

  • What to do if bank cards are lost/ stolen

​     Packing

  • Suitcase (Carry-on Only)

  • Doing luggage in Europe

  • Checklists

  • How to pack

​     Communication on the Trip

  • Smart Phones, iPads

  • Phone Calls, Texts, etc. 

Information Meeting in September for 2024 Calabasas & Beverly Hills

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