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Spending Money

How much extra spending money do we need to bring? 

That depends on your eating, drinking, and spending habits!


Over the past 2 years, my clients have spent from $800 - $1,500+ on Tours 2&3.  The overall average has been around $950.00  (Tour #1 is a different trip, the average will spending budget can range from $600.00 - $1,000.00+)  


Your spending money is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, optional tours, museums entrance fees, alcohol, clubbing, shopping, optional adventure activities and items of personal nature, etc. 

If you budget yourself on meals by buying food and bottled water at markets and having many picnics, you can splurge in other areas! 

We highly suggest that you bring (1) VISA credit card and (1) ATM/Debit card for cash withdrawals in the local currency. Do not have these cards linked together.

We do Not recommend bringing US dollars because you will be charged high fees and commissions for the exchange.


If you are on a budget, think about doing without some luxury things so that you can afford this amazing trip and have spending money.
1. Go without Starbucks every day or Go without Europe!
2. Go without Off-Campus lunches (brown bag like your parents and I did) or Go without Europe!
3. Go without overpriced/overcrowded Disney Grad Night or Go without Europe!
4. Go without Coachella or Go without Europe! 
Everything you purchase, ask yourself - buy this or have more fun in Europe!
5. Collect cans and bottles from your neighbors for free cash!
Get part time jobs –
You can earn $50.00 to $200.00+ per week.

As of September 1, 2023
you have 40+ weeks till Europe!

Save or make $10.00 per week = $400.
Save or make $20.00 per week = $800.
Save or make $25.00 per week = $1,000.
Save or make $50.00 per week = $2,000.
Save or make $75.00 per week = $3,000.
Save or make $100.00 per week = $4,000.
Save or make $200.00 per week = $8,000.
Save or make $250.00 per week = $10,000.

You can see that with a little bit of effort you can afford to have the adventure of a lifetime.

So, get off the couch and make life happen!

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