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Tour #2 Application

Application Form & Behavior Code - Terms and Agreements see below

  • Before you can sign up, you must do the following;

  • Please follow directions carefully or your application will NOT be accepted!

  • You must join the "Wish List"  (Free e-mail list so we can keep you updated). 

  • Trip space is limited and will be sold in the same order that you have joined the "Wish List"  

  • If your friends joined the "Wish List"  weeks after you joined, they may NOT be able to be on the same package or in your room. 

  • Meet with all your friends and their parents and decide which trip number and which lodging package you will pick.
            Note: You cannot visit friends in the other hotels. They are off-limits. You will see them each day!
            Read over the accommodation page and type up a rooming list with your friends.

  • ​Your rooming list is ONLY a request. Final rooming will be completed with your full trip payment.

  • No guarantees since your lodging package may be sold out or your friends signed up too late.

Step #1 

Check the expiration date of your passport.

European Union rules state that the passport MUST be VALID for 6 months AFTER your return date to the United States.

Tour # 1  – Your Passport must be valid till at least December 20, 2024

If passport is NOT valid...

  • Go to and find a processing center near you.  
           Warning: It is taking up to 6 - 10 weeks.
         Do Not expedite!  Save your money for Europe.

  • Apply for one Today!

  • Many processing centers require an appointment - But several allow walk-ins. Call them to verify.

Step #2

Complete the digital application form


Before beginning, please prepare: 

-Passport Information

-Medical Information

-A Digital Passport-Style Photo in JPG or PNG format


Please use a computer, not a cell phone, to complete the application. 

At the end of the application, you will be asked to print a form. This form must be printed, completed, signed, and mailed with a check for the $95 application fee. YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE COMPLETE UNTIL THIS FORM IS RECEIVED. 

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